Tuesday Photo Challenge – Build

Dutch goes the Image!

Invite to Week 85 of the Tuesday Photo Obstacle.

Your interpretations of recently’& rsquo; s theme of Progression were simply great! Consequently, I intend to keep the favorable styles going this week with something that is the antithesis of much that happens worldwide around us: Construct! After all, building a much better society, where we can construct each other up as well as improve previous successes to newer ones, we can improve that!

With this theme there are many instructions, into which you can take it, as well as I excitedly expect your creative result! So whether you develop with Legos, build a sandcastle, or build a connection, follow your inner guide to catch that one photo that states all of it for you!

As always, keep in mind to have some enjoyable with this!!

When we build a residence, it can start with simply a couple of bricks & hellip;

One Block at once!

Sometimes & hellip;

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Build
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