Quadrille #45


Welcome back to the Q!

Our last quadrille hit a milestone as we reached our 44th word offered for this popular dVerse prompt. I think it’s safe to say it is well-liked for it’s brevity, simplicity and freedom of writing style.  Hats off to those who took the challenge to another level and used ALL the words as our list grew.

With that said and with no creative way I can think of to tumble or roll into this week’s word, I’ll just toss it out there…..

….the word is ROCK.

Photo: Michelle Beauchamp

Use it as a verb. Rock us gently or rock our world. Use it as a noun. Is it a polished precious stone, a beach treasure or a jagged rocky cliff? Is someone your rock? You may want to write from the perspective of a rock. If it had a voice, what stories would it…

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