Ten classic Christmas books for readers of all ages

Helena Fairfax

Another month, another Round Robin! This month’s subject is set by American author Rhobin Courtright.

round robin, helena fairfaxWhat stories have you written or read where a holiday takes place? Do the holidays ever make it into one of your stories?

British readers would answer this question differently from how I guess Rhobin has meant it. For us, a holiday is a vacation, and a holiday read is generally a summer read. (Here are UK magazine The Stylist‘s top 100 holiday reads, for example.) We also don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.  I do love Christmas, though – and I love Christmas books!

The day after Christmas is what we in the UK (and many other countries) call Boxing Day – and it’s the perfect day for curling up with one of these books…

The Snowman, by Raymond Briggs

I absolutely love this book, and I love the musical animation that was made…

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