“November Beaver Pond” – Hermon, Ontario

Ed Lehming Photography

“November Beaver Pond” - Hermon, Ontario“A moment of peace and silence, breathing in and out the frigid air, watching daylight seep into the forest, hearing the first chatter of distant crows, the wind sighing over the snow and through the fir and pine branches and the twittering of chickadees as they flitted in little tribes from tree to tree.” 
― Mike Bond

The quote above just about sums it up. On a chilly November morning, I stood at the shores of a small beaver pond, admiring the interesting patterns on the surface of the ice. It was a moment of peace, one of many, during my day of hiking and hunting in the forests of Northeastern Ontario.

This is the same region where my upcoming “Boreal Trails” series of images was made. I wanted to set the tone and show a broader view of the forest before I start sharing the short series of photographic abstracts…

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Music Prompt Challenge #16: “Everglow” by Cold Play #amwriting #musicchallenge #music

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Hi welcome to another week of MindLoveMisery’s MenagerieMusic Challenge Prompt. I apologize that I’m a bit late with this one. I realized around midnight last night I had to put together this prompt. Then, I started listening to different songs and it took me awhile to finally decide..

Anyways with out further ado, this week’s song is “Everglow” by Coldplay. For me it stood out as lately both my Grandma’s have been quite ill. They are advanced in age so like anyone, you know they can’t live forever but knowing that someday soon they won’t be apart of my life, or the life of my family members, and their friends hurts. I love “Everglow” as it tells me that loved ones we lose are always apart of us no matter what despite life being as “short as the falling of snow.”


Credit: Pinterest.com


“Coldplay are…

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Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Letting Go of Right and Wrong (Whew!)

Happy #ForgivingFridays everyone! Yay! This is an opportunity for you to share about forgiveness & post about it ANY DAY this week! See guidelines below. ❤ You can post whatever inspires YOU to forgive and choose love.  Maybe it’s a photo or inspiring quote, or a poem, or you can share about letting go like I did.

***This post is my contribution for The Daily Post’s Experimental and Frank’s Challenge, Bridge. Frank I’m learning so much how forgiveness is a bridge for letting go into love.***

Today’s Forgiving Fridays is letting go of right and wrong.

Today, I really demonstrated courage because I was willing to let go of what I thought was right.

This morning, I got into an argument with my partner. I wanted him to get off his position and just STOP and open and listen.  Do you know what?  It was me that needed to…

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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 18/17

Hey there! It’s Friday and time for your Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. I’ve been working so hard this week — until 1am some days — so I haven’t been around much, nor have I been doing much of anything that’s fun. So I think it’s about time we had a little extra fun here on SoCS. Don’t you? Here’s your prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “psst, or any other attention-getting noise or word.” Find a word or noise that you’d use to get someone’s attention, and start your post off with it. Enjoy!

After you’ve written your Saturday post tomorrow, please link it here at this week’s prompt page and check to make sure it’s here in the comments so others can find it and see your awesome Stream of Consciousness post. Anyone can join in!

To make your post more visible, use our…

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Sweet and Sour Brussels Sprouts with Crispy Rice

food to glow

Pan-fried Brussels sprouts with tangy pomegranate molasses, mint, pickled red onion and crispy red & wild rice: because side dishes don’t need to be boring. Perfect for the festive table, or as a perky midweek addition to a meal. An anti-inflammatory recipe.

In collaboration with Waitrose #ChristmasTogether.

Pan-fried Brussels sprouts with tangy pomegranate molasses, mint, pickled red onion and crispy red & wild rice: because side dishes don't need to be boring. Perfect for the festive table, or as a perky midweek addition to a meal. A vegan and anti-inflammatory recipe.Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, December 25th is a time to get together with family and friends. Perhaps you sing songs around the piano; maybe you cuddle up on the sofa watching movies. Or the hearty among may go out and build a huge snowman, or set out for a long walk in the crisp air.

For us, we are a small family, very diverse in age, but we all love our food. My lovely in-laws Ann and Bob come round, picking up great-aunt Trudy on the way, and we kick things off with homemade sausage rolls (or this year I’m…

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