Reena’s Exploration Challenge # Week 10

Reena Saxena

We are in the tenth and last week of the Exploration Challenge. It is needless to say that I enjoyed the interactions immensely.

And this is a fairly simple one. Just read the four quotes in the pic, and write whatever it inspires.


The piece you write can be a quote, prose, fiction, a form of poetry that you are comfortable with, or any other experimental format that you devise. There is no restriction on the length either, except that the whole piece should appear in one part. Chain posts disturb the flow.

Create a post on your blog. Create a pingback, or leave the link to your post in the Comments section.

Happy Writing!

And here’s a round-up of last week

Eugenia at

Michael at

Lady Lee at

Neel at

Reena Saxena at

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