The Brief Smile…


a food preparation pot and also twisted stories

From lawns away, I saw her. Seated in a yoga posture on the brownish bench, her back to the early morning sun, my peaceful musing was disrupted.

Like a canine that sniffs at the air, I smelled at the mood bordering her and within a rock toss, I saw the unsuspecting frown line that explored the sides of her lips; they were at chances with the smoothness of her temple.

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She elevated a flask, took a sip as well as dropped it, constantly her right fingers touched on her phone with speed that concealed her position. I viewed her with more passion as I drew closer, my quick steps decreased a notch. I saw a tear as it ran away and also raced down her pinkened cheek.

It can have been much easier to avert my eyes as well as claim I neither saw her nor observed her private discomfort. I didn’& rsquo;

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The Brief Smile…
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