Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sky

Dutch goes the Photo!

Welcome to Week 80 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge.

After enjoying all those amazing entries for last week’s theme of birds, time came once again to pick a theme!  As I went out this past weekend to do some photography at Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge, I took a look at the images from that little walk and found something that I liked.  As a result, we get the theme of Sky!

I ask you to put your creative focus skyward to capture what strikes your interest!  Whether it’s a skyline, amazing sky, a raptor circling in the sky, or any other idea you have, this week the sky’s the limit for your entries!  Have some fun with this and share some amazing shots with each other in this week’s challenge!!

Here’s that image that got me looking skyward (by looking down)…

This image reveals part of the fun that…

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The Brief Smile…

a cooking pot and twisted tales

From yards away, I saw her. Seated in a yoga pose on the brown bench, her back to the early morning sun, my quiet musing was interrupted.

Like a dog that sniffs at the air, I sniffed at the aura surrounding her and within a stone throw, I saw the unwitting frown line that dug into the sides of her lips; they were at odds with the smoothness of her forehead.

She raised a flask, took a sip and dropped it, all the time her right fingers tapped on her phone with speed that belied her pose. I watched her with more interest as I drew closer, my brisk steps slowed down a notch.  I saw a tear as it escaped and raced down her pinkened cheek.

It could have been easier to avert my eyes and pretend I neither saw her nor witnessed her private pain. I didn’t want…

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Young Little Blue Still Around The Swamp


This young Little Blue Heron has been around this corner of the swamp since he first learned to fly. OK, I assume it’s the same one. Juvenile Little Blues are near marshes and the shore now.

This bird sticks close the bank, in the thick algae. The bird is healthy and always finds food so I guess there really isn’t any reason to move.

Click any image to view the gallery.

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Ladies of Horror Flash Project – #Horror #author Sheri White @sheriw1965 @Sotet_Angyal #LoH #fiction

Spreading the Writer's Word

The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!

Horror House: The Game
by Sheri White

Janey walked into the house and threw her backpack on the couch.
“Mom? Dad?” she called out.
Silence greeted her. “Yes! she said, pumping her fist in the air. She ran into the kitchen, grabbing a soda and yogurt tube from the fridge, then sat down at the kitchen table. She opened her mom’s laptop, and typed in the password her parents had no clue she knew.
The haunted house game Janey loved came to life with a click of the mouse. Her mother password-protected her laptop after realizing Janey was obsessed with the game. She let Janey play a couple times a week, but only after her homework and chores were done. But with her parents both working late, Janey took advantage, and sixth-grade math could wait.
She had found the link while surfing a…

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Reading Links 10/24/17

Where Genres Collide Traci Kenworth YA Author


Reading Links…10/24/17

Traci Kenworth


  1. http://www.fantasyliterature.com/reviews/the-ship-of-the-dead/ The third and final book in Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series.
  2. http://www.fantasyliterature.com/reviews/inferno/ Three sister entities.
  3. http://lizlovesbooks.com/lizlovesbooks/latest-reads-the-tethered-mage-melissa-caruso/ In the Raverran empire, magic is rare and those who possess it strictly controlled.
  4. https://libraryoferana.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/good-copbad-cop-interview-daemon-grim-the-angel-grislington-fantasy-paranormal/ Satan’s reaper of souls and the leader of the pack of hellhounds.
  5. http://storitorigrace.blogspot.com/2017/10/a-book-review-of-black-by-ted-dekker.html From the blackness comes an amazing reality of a world where evil is contained.
  6. http://writewithfey.blogspot.com/2017/10/tois-top-5-angel-books-blitz-kindle.html On sale till Oct. 24th.
  7. https://rosieamber.wordpress.com/2017/10/20/rosies-bookreview-team-rbrt-supernatural-blessedly-bound-by-lucretia-stanhop-dianas58/ An intelligent books about witches.
  8. https://princessofthelight.wordpress.com/2017/10/20/the-maxilla-trilogy-by-rick-haynes-blends-fantasy-with-mythology-and-action-fridayreads/ If you like David Gemmel and Game of Thrones, here’s one for you.
  9. https://rosieamber.wordpress.com/2017/10/19/my-bookreview-of-scifi-fantasy-the-things-we-learn-when-were-dead-by-claidlawauthor/ Mixes genres of sci-fi and fantasy.
  10. https://teripolen.com/2017/10/17/badmoonrising-matt-doyle-indieauthor-scifi-lgbt-crimenoir-tuesdaybookblog/ New Hopeland was built to be the center of technology, but it has its dark side.


  1. http://www.talesoftheravenousreader.com/2017/10/young-adult-reads-to-get-your-spook-on.html Spooky reads. Some good ones here.
  2. http://www.adventuresinyapublishing.com/2017/10/new-releases-this-week-1016-1022-plus-4.html New releases.
  3. http://www.fromthemixedupfiles.com/2017/10/pumpkin-spice-secrets-interview-author-hillary-homzie/
  4. http://www.talesoftheravenousreader.com/2017/10/completely-haunted-by-haunting-deep.html Centers around the Titanic.
  5. http://pitchwars.org/the-ghost-chronicles-2-by-marlo-berliner-new-release/ What’s there to fear if you’re already dead?
  6. https://princessofthelight.wordpress.com/2017/10/20/friday-book-round-up-scares-up-7-kid-friendly-halloween-books-fridayreads-kidlit/ Kid-friendly Halloween books.


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