Body Language To Improve Confidence

Did you ever meet someone and think right away that maybe you couldn’t trust them? What was it about them that caused you to feel that way?
Well, non-verbal communication, commonly called body language, is the way our bodies tell another person about whom we really are and what we really think. There’s a reason Hollywood portrays the villain in an ugly light, just as they make the hero look like he can do no wrong. They want us to be sure who the players are.
In this non-verbal way, we speak volumes to others. Do you have your arms folded across your chest? People are less likely to approach you, as you seem closed off and un-open to them. But the person with their arms at their sides, or waving through the air while talking, is far less intimidating to us.
Do you have your jaw clenched and are you grinding your teeth? That is not going to seem to others like you really want to speak to them. A relaxed and calm face is what people like to see. It’s like when you smile at someone and they smile back at you. You cause them to want to smile because you seem to be happy. It rubs off.
Communication not your strong point? Then practice in front of a mirror. Smile and say hello. Notice how you look. Would you want to meet you? Or would you cross the street to avoid you? Now practice standing up straight, shoulders back, eyes forward. Good posture is a good practice to develop. Being all scrunched up and hunched over with a frown on your face is no way to be. Pretend there is a string in the top of your head pulling you up. Now smile. There, you look great!
Don’t know what to do with those hands? Well, don’t put them in your pockets. It makes you look like you’ve got something to hide, or in other words, it makes you seem dishonest. Who wants that? Keep your hand at your sides and fidget-free to make the best impression.
Non-verbal communication is a skill that anyone can learn. Become more confident today by putting just one thing from this article into practice. In a short time you will develop your own style of walking, standing and greeting people. Remember: actions speak louder than words.