Solstice of the Moon: Circle of Timeless Light

The Silent Eye

Stars over Scotland. Image: Pixabay

A few stars twinkled above Inverurie as our group gathered for dinner. It wasn’t even raining much. That probably explains why, some time after nine o’clock, when the moonless night had well and truly fallen, four people would once again walk the path up to the stone circle at Easter Aquhorthies…

We arrive first and, switching off the lights of the car, allow our eyes to gradually become accustomed to the complete lack of artificial light. We have torches, but they seem an intrusion somehow and will only be used to navigate the potholed track. There is no moon tonight and the little town is far enough distant, and set low enough in the landscape, to be invisible. Even the lights of Aberdeen make only a smudge of sickly ochre on the far horizon. We can see very little… only the ink-black silhouettes of the…

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One-Liner Wednesday – Being sold is exhausting

The avocados on sale today were exhausted. Totally bagged, in fact.


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As with Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS), if you see a pingback from someone else in my…

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Enter the £10,000 award for a first-time writer


gloved handsThe Deborah Rogers Foundation Writers’ Award 2018 opened for entries on Sunday. It is an exciting award as it gives a substanial amount of money to a new writer.

It is only open to writers who have not previously published a full length book of their own prose writing (including non fiction, self-published work or work only published on-line).  You can’t be under contract to a publisher either, but you’re not excluded if you have managed to find an agent to represent you.


You’re also ok if you’ve had a short story published in a magazine or an anthology. The only other exception is poetry.  You can enter even if you’ve had an entire collection published so poets in the process of turning into a fiction writers this could be your day. (And that is a career path followed by many great writers – John Updike springs to mind.)


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