Writing Prompt: Day 274


Pelky Sisters

Day 274 of 365 Days of Writing Triggers: Create a tale that includes a rose.

Shannon: There was a rumor I’& rsquo;d learnt through my friends about a rose that was sculpted into the bleachers right beside the baseball field. They claimed it attracted by somebody in memory of a woman who had actually died in the lady’& rsquo; s washroom. I didn & rsquo; t think the story, so I mosted likely to go inspect it out, and see if the rose even existed.

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When I arrived after institution I saw there was a rose on the bleachers, yet it was real. I rolled my eyes because I assumed my pals were tinkering me, yet when came more detailed there was some writing etched. Odd. I grabbed the blossom to examine it, as well as unexpectedly my view was fuzzy.

Erin: I had discovered to despise flowers. They made my tummy decline, due to the fact that Ray constantly offered & hellip;

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Writing Prompt: Day 274
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