Sunday Writing Prompt # 221: Exquisite

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Sunday Writing Prompt #220: September 24, 2017 : Exquisite

Welcome to another Sunday Writing Prompt. Let’s get to it.

I’m providing you with one image and a line I’ve come up with. Feel free to use another image of your choice if you wish, BUT you must use the line in the following ways:

1. The line can not be altered.
2. Your creation, whether flash, poetry etc. is limited to no more than 88 words.
3. You can not write Haiku or Tanka – if you enjoy these forms, check out the Wednesday prompt.
4. Your piece must include something positive as a counter effect/balance – you’ll understand in a minute.

So here you are:

painSo use the line: The pain is exquisite, with no alterations, but anywhere in your piece, AND – however you choose to explore the topic of pain, you must include a counter-effect, balancing/opposite/silver lining…

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