Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Sentinels of silliness

Two on a Rant

Dingo Mutt:  Mom says there’s a hurry cane coming. I wanna chase it!  

Other Brother Coon Cat: It’s a hurricane, not a fetch toy!  See that string of clouds?  They’re called rain bands.

Dingo:  Rain?  

OBCC:  As in bath, only the wind is so strong it can pick you up and carry you away.

Dingo:  I think I’ll go back inside, curl up on mom’s bed, and hope it doesn’t find me.

Mom:  Awwww.  Aren’t they cute.

Poor Dingo, whimpering at every gust of 15mph wind.  

It makes me wonder if there’s anything good about a hurricane.

Here’s one:

The Native Floridian viewpoint

And yes, the insanity of buying bottled water.  

I’ve mentioned this one before, but for those who missed the irony of it….

Once the power is out and one has to use the toilet, one must consider how many…

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