August 11th is National Panini Day!

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Celebrate the Panini!

  1. August 11, 2015 is the first ‘official, National Panini Day*
  2. The first U.S. reference to panini, a ‘pan warmed Italian sandwich’ dates to 1956 in an article about an Italian street fair.
  3. Panini’s are said to have originated in Lombardy, Italy, in response to the demand among Milanese office workers for a quick lunch without sacrifice in flavor and quality
  4. In the late 1970s & 1980s. Trendy U.S. restaurants, particularly in New York, began selling panini’s.
  5. In many English-speaking countries, a panino , from Italian, meaning “small bread, bread roll” is a grilled sandwich made from baked roll or any thing other than sliced bread.
*A day proclaimed by Foodimentary, the interest source fore Food Holidays and celebrations since 2006

Today’s Food History

  • 1858 Christiaan Eijkman was born. A Dutch physician who discovered that beriberi was caused by a poor diet (a lack of vitamin B1), which…

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Blackberry Spinach and Feta Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

What's for Dinner Moms?

Blackberries, blueberries and cherries are ready to pick here in Michigan. We have 10 pounds of blueberries already in our freezer. We prefer the blackberries fresh so when we received two pints in our CSA share we were excited. I let the kids eat one pint right away and saved the other for our dinner salad.

This salad is great because if you want to bulk it up a bit for a dinner salad you could easily add some chicken, steak or shrimp to it.


We love spinach and feta salads so adding blackberries and a lightly sweet vinaigrette to the salad could only make it better and I was right! It was super yummy. Any tricks that I can use to get the kids to scoop up the raw spinach I am going to try.

Both kids ate two servings of salad before we even ate dinner! Yes!…

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“All You Need Is Love” – Zoodles, Part 4. Chocoodles.


This might be a difficult concept to understand, but love is an obligation, a duty. This is contrary to the image created by popular culture, from Ancient Greeks and Romans, to Shakespeare, to romantic movies on Netflix.


The mythical Amur, or Cupid, is a cute mischievous child armed with bow and arrows who blindly shoots unsuspecting mortals through their hearts and laughs his curly head off  when they fall in love. A wealth of world art has been inspired by this little prankster. However, Judaism perceives love as “the emotional pleasure a human being experiences when he understands and focuses on the virtues of another human being.” Rabbi Noah Weinberg, the dean and founder of the worldwide educational organization Aish HaTorah, explains that “love, therefore, is overwhelmingly dependent upon how one views another person. If we choose to focus on a person’s virtues, we will love them. If…

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Ed Lehming Photography

“Honeysuckle”“I drag myself over to the honeysuckle bush and pluck a flower. I gently pull the stamen through the blossom and set the drop of nectar on my tongue. The sweetness spreads through my mouth, down my throat, warming my veins with memories of summer.”
– Suzanne Collins

I don’t believe there are many fragrances that compare with honeysuckle on a warm summer evening. As I walked the narrow roadways and access points at Sauble Beach this past weekend, the fragrance hung on the air, sweet and full of memories, as the quote so aptly describes.

There are entire fences, heavy with honeysuckle vines. I could stand there for hours drinking in the fragrance and marvelling at the complex flowers, as hummingbirds and bees feast close by. Of course, I could not resist the temptation to photograph them for future enjoyment, just without the fragrance, which will remain…

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