10 Food Facts That Will Make You Say “Really?!”

Just Brittany Moments

1. Pringles had a lawsuit trying to prove that they weren’t reallypotato chips.

2. Consuming dairy may cause acne!

3. Store bought 100% “real” orange juice is 100%artificially flavored.

4. The tea bag was created byaccident. Tea bags were originally sent as samples.

5. Ranch dressing contains titanium dioxide, which is used to make it appear whiter. The same ingredient is used in sunscreen and paint for the same effect!

6. Ketchup was used as amedicinein the 1800s to treat diarrhea, as well as other things.

7. Eating bananas can help fightdepression!

8. The reason pepperstaste spicyis because of a chemical compound, capsaicin, which binds to your sensory nerves and tricks them into thinking your mouth is actually being burned!

9. The origin of the twists in pretzels were made to look likearms crossed…

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