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Shelley has been reading Revengers by David Valdes Greenwood


Title: Revengers
Author: David Valdes Greenwood
Category: Horror
My Rating: 4 Star
My Review:
As a lover of supernatural and horror stories, I was drawn to this book by the mention of Salem and the Furies – or lone Fury in this case. Exacting revenge was the purpose of the Furies, and in Revengers it falls to three teenagers to carry out an ancient act of vengeance.
Ama, Mark, and Justin have never met, and yet they have each been touched by death and are hounded by grief. By witnessing the murders of their loved ones,they have been left broken and alone. Ama was sent to an all-girls’ school because her aunt couldn’t handle her, Mark dropped out of Harvard because he couldn’t cope with…

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#Bookreview Thirteen Reasons Why by @jaysherguy @penguinrandom #TuesdayBookBlog

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Thirteen Reasons WhyThirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is a young adult book which deals with a disturbing case of teenage suicide. This book has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and has been made into a series by Netflix.

Teenager Clay Jensen returns home to find a mystery package on his doorstep. It contains old style cassette tapes from a girl at school, rumoured to have committed suicide. Intrigued, Clay begins to listen, then he is reminded of a map of the town which mysteriously arrived in his school locker.

Hannah’s reasons for creating the tapes have Clay criss-crossing town as we hear about the decisions others made which, she felt, which left her alone, hurt and eventually suicidal.
The author chose to write the book using dual narration: Hannah’s voice on the tapes and Clay’s immediate response to points…

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Writing Contest – FINAL DAYS! AND a sneak peek at a REALLY COOL new idea you are gonna be SUPER excited about…

You have about a week left to enter your amazing piece of literature in my Word Weaver Writing Contest, so GET TO IT! Prizes! (possibly for YOU if you win) Fame! (totally possible) A critique by ME…

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5 Businesses Anyone Can Start With 100 Dollars or Less

Jay Colby

Many of us have dreamed of starting our own business for years, but a lot of times we might feel as if we don’t have the capital to start. There is a huge misconception that we need thousands of dollars or investors to start a business. With technology and the never endless possibilities it offers it has made starting a business affordable for anyone start. Here are 5 businesses anyone can start for under a $100.

  1. Drop shipping e-commerce – If you’re interested in selling products without having to worry about products, labels or shipping cost an e-commerce website may be what you’re looking for. When running a drop shipping e-commerce site, you will sell the products, but not have your own stock. Instead you have a drop shipping agreement typically with a distributor or the manufacturer of the goods. They will then send out the orders directly to your…

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