The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Capricious memory

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“Wonderful!” said the voice on the phone. “I’ll be there in five minutes!”
We were standing, bag and baggage, outside the gracious old Town Hall in Llandudno, one of the oldest buildings in the town… and we were planning on spending the night there…if we could. It is not so odd as it sounds, these days, it is known as The Capri, a superb guesthouse where we had stayed on our outbound journey.

In fact, Lee, the proprietor, was there in two minutes. Beaming, he seemed genuinely pleased that we had returned so soon. I imagine that many people will promise to come back, but may leave it a year or two between visits. We’d been away two nights and the Capri was our first choice for our last night away…and he cannot have been more pleased than we were, finding he had room for us.

He is a lovely…

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