Jodie Foster. 

Pride Issues

By @bartolomeo_lisa

In this series we take a look at various heroes and advocates of the LGBTQIA family.In this post we focus on a lady that recognizes as bisexual. ​​ Famous Starlet, Jodie Foster may be one of the most silently renowned popular Lesbian.

Any person who grew up in the 1970s 80s or 90s will certainly bear in mind Jodie Foster as the Lady Next Door, the most effective good friend we wish we had, the sibling we constantly wish for or the female we wanted to be.

Birthed Alicia Christian “& ldquo; Jodie & rdquo; Foster on November 19th 1962 in Los Angeles, California Jodie Foster has remained to surprise target markets –– from her shocking and cutting-edge efficiency in 1976 ‘& lsquo; s Cab driver, which was her initial Oscar nomination –– to her emotional duty as rape target in 1988’& rsquo; s The Charged– her very first Oscar win, and 1992 Oscar winning duty as edgy FBI agent Clarice Starling, Foster has mesmerized audiences & hellip;

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