Poetics: Sensory Play


Welcome to Poetics! This is Michelle (Mish), your host for today.

We know the importance of using the five senses in our poetry and how it enriches the imagery for the reader. A scene of nature, for example becomes more alive with the scents of wildflowers wafting in the wind or the high pitched trill of a songbird. We use the senses regularly to describe a physical setting, person or concrete object. Presenting something abstract becomes a little more challenging.

What does blue taste like?

What is the texture of anger?

Describe the scent of contentment.

What are the sounds of perfection?

What does hope look like?

I know that you can come up with many more of these and so I leave you to it! Choose something abstract such as a colour, emotion, idea, concept, a quality, trait or situation…and bring it to life using one or more senses…

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Travel

Dutch goes the Photo!

Welcome to Week 57 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge.

This week’s theme is another one that is easy as pie for me, as later today my wife and I will board a plane to fly to Rome for 12 days of exploration and relaxation in Italy.  So, I thought it might be apt to use the theme of Travel for this weeks challenge!

Of course, travel does not require it to be far or exotic, but simply any trip to where you do not live.  Yes, that includes commuting to work (unless you live at work).  So, let your photos show something interesting about the place(s) where you travel, and, as usual, do not hesitate to be as creative as you like!

Here’s a collage of images from some of my travels…

As I hit Italy and particularly the lovely region of Tuscany, there will be numerous opportunities for photography…

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