Music Prompt #3: “Whiskey in the Jar” sung by Metallica #musicchallenge 

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For this week’s Music Prompt Challenge, I’ve chosen Metallica’s version of a common Irish drinking song: “Whiskey in the Jar.” “This well-known Irish traditional song, set in the southern mountains of Ireland, often with specific mention of counties Cork and Kerry, as well as Fenit, a village in County Kerry, is asong is about a Rapparee (Highwayman), who is betrayed by his wife or lover. It is one of the most widely performed traditional Irish songs and hasbeen recorded by numerous professional artists since the 1950’s.

Credit: GQ – Best Ways To Drink Whiskey –
The song’s origins come from the traditional folk song “The Highwayman and the Captain” sung in the outskirts of the town of Edinburgh. In 1967, the Irish folk band The Beasley Brothers rewrote the song as ‘Whiskey in a Jar’ and incorporated their own twist to the lyrics and melody.” (Wikipedia).”…

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