Saturday Mix – April 22, 2017

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Hello Everyone!

I’m sure that at least at one time or another we’ve all decided to read a book that we thought we knew everything about – but never having read it didn’t in fact.  This has happened to me recently.  I decided to read Bram Stoker’s Gothic novel,  “Dracula”.

Of course I’ve known about Dracula since I was a teen … and although vampires were nothing as popular as they are in our present age, they were at least familiar to all of us.  Who hadn’t seen Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee at least once, if not at the movies at least on TV.  And yet, I’d never bothered to read Stoker’s book.

So, after watching two different TV shows one called Doyle and Houdini and the other Murdoch Mysteries – both which had made reference to Bram Stoker  I decided to download the original version from the Gutenberg…

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