Love in Between (Flash Fiction)

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I warned her… My sister, I mean. Sarah was always too interested in the Great Above and Abovers in general. I told her that you couldn’t trust those vicious creatures that hunt our waters with one hand and poison it with the another.

A few tides ago we found an Above creature in our kelp garden. He thrashed about with his bubble machine tangled up in our frilly greens crop. We watched for a bit as he managed to damage and pull a large stalk from its rock.

I turned worried eyes to my sister. “Father is going to be so mad! He’ll never believe this wasn’t our fault. What are we going to do?”
Sarah looked at my frantic face and back to the struggling Abover. “We have to get him out, he’s going to die and ruin our whole crop. If the council knows that an Abover touched…

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