Writing Prompt #203 “Letters to Death”

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Tomb of Wayfaring Souls

For today’s challenge I want you to write a letter to Death.

In your letter you can

Ask him any questions you want

Offer him feedback

Thank him for his service

Introduce yourself

Express your feelings whatever they may be

Curse him for the loss of a loved one

Ask him for a job


Take any approach you want to this serious, philosophical, or comedic.

Make sure to tag Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Writing Prompt

Have Fun!

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» The Black Napkin: Now Seeking Poetry Submissions

🎃Word Craft: Prose & Poetry🎃

ATTENTION POETS! This looks like a great opportunity. Click the link below to learn more. ❤

“The Black Napkin, an online poetry journal launched in 2016, is now seeking submissions for their upcoming issues. They are looking for poetry penned with urgent strength, poetry that needs to be heard. They like writing that disrupts the borderlines of genre and identity, and they actively seek work by marginalized poets–people of color, people who are disabled, women, people who identify as nonbinary, people who identify as neurodivergent, people who identify as asexual, immigrants, people who are undocumented, trauma survivors, atheists, agnostics, members of underrepresented religions—any poets whose voices are often unheard in the media, The Black Napkin wants to hear them. They publish a variety of poetic styles and tend to favor feeling over formal considerations. To get a sense of what they like, you can read past issues online.”

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Extravagance

nancy merrill photography


When King Ludwig II of Bavaria inherited the throne in 1864, Bavaria was no longer an imperial monarchy, but was now a constitutional monarchy where the king had very little power. In spite of this restraint (or possibly because of it), Ludwig ignored the needs of his country and spent all of his time and most of the national coffers on building elaborate and beautifully fanciful castles. The only one that was completed before he died in 1886 (under very mysterious circumstances) was Linderhof Castle. It’s a miniature remake of the Palace at Versailles in France, including many similar rooms and extended gardens. Pictures of the inside of the castle is not aloud, but you can image how ornate and extravagant it is by looking at the exterior (and yes, that is a gold-leafed statue in the middle of the pool).


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Color Your World – Tickle Me Pink

Tourmaline .

cyw 2017 badge

The Color your World challenge will run January through April, for 120 days, with a new Crayola color topic posting each day. Join in daily, or post at your leisure.

Enter your photos, drawings, quotes, poems, stories, anything, as long as it is inspired by the color of the day.

Since this is a daily challenge, I will not have time to compile a link list daily for participant entries, however, (1) tag your post #cyw or #coloryourworld so others can follow along in the reader, (2) share your link in the comment section of each color post and (3) sign up on the home page. When you fill out the form on the home page, a link to your blog will be added at the bottom of that post – that way other participants can find all your challenge posts.

View all challenge prompt posts here.

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Short Story Sunday: Baker Beach

Vampire Maman

Some of you might have read this one before – I’ll have a brand new story next week. It is Easter today so I’m giving you this little egg of a story to crack – full of surprise, humor, love, and everyday adventure. Have fun.

Baker Beach

Max heard the Nessun dorma ringtone and groaned. It was his brother Andy. It was an emergency. He could sense it.

He picked up and listened.

“Max, thank God you’re there. I’m by Baker Beach. Some asshole redneck in a truck sideswiped me. The car is totaled. Can you get out here? Right now.”

Max untangled himself from the woman next to him and sat up. “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine. Like I said, the car is totaled.”

“Call AAA. I’ll call Uber and get you a ride home.”

“You don’t understand man. I have someone locked in the trunk and he is…

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