Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale #113: the quest 30.03.17

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie


A common fairy tale theme is the quest – the search for something or someone. It’s a literary device we are familiar with from medieval romances to JRR Tolkien. Most often involving an arduous journey undertaken on your own or in the company of comrades, often “picked up” along the way. There is danger, treachery, evil, friendship, magic, puzzles, romance, action, adventure.

This week, weave a tale about a quest – the threads of the tapestry may be old or new. Your quest can unfold in typical fairy tale fashion, set in a land long ago and far away. Or follow medieval knights or an 18th-19th century adventurers.

But, what would a modern day quest be like? What would the search for, and how would the journey be undertaken? What challenges would the quester of today face? With the cyberverse, would the quester ever really leave their home?

When you have posted your quest…

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