Tuesday Photo Challenge – Forward

Dutch goes the Photo!

Welcome to Week 50 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge. Last week’s theme of Spring brought out an overwhelming number of responses!  You were truly wonderful and I definitely seeing this much inspiration.

With the season of Spring comes daylight saving time, the practice of moving the clock forward during Summer months.  We use the memory jogger Spring Forward as a reminder what direction we move the clock.  This gave me the idea of using Forward as a challenge theme this week…

Of course, Forward is a great direction, in which to go, as it denotes progress, making things better than they were before for everyone.  We like to be forward thinking, as we leap forward into a future filled with promise.  Lot’s of different approaches you can take!

As always, feel free to be creative in your interpretation of the theme, and be sure to put your best effort into creating something…

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Context ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #80

Pix to Words

To understand
And embrace

I recognize
The limits
Set by context

Which, I’ve learned
Confines me
Not reality

Beach Cows
The Ganga Banks
(Ganges River)
Uttarakhand, India

Taken during travels, 2017

In rural North America, where I grew up, cows are symbolic of bucolic, pastoral farm life. So a scene including cows on a city beach — like a mother basking in the sun while her children play — or munching on garbage in urban streets, might seem contradictory to the nature of a cow. But in the context of a cow’s sacred life in India, where they roam freely and and are fed by the population in ad-hoc ritual, that changes things.

Last week we got up for Sunrise. This week? Let’s mess around with Context — find the limits of one, or bend fold and mutilate a context — or seek something else to…

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice (Portrait of Another Orchid Photomontage)

Lens and Pens by Sally

27 March 2017


Taken in Camera+ and edited in Snapseed and Pixlr

Click onto image to enlarge. Let me know your response to this photomontage. Prints are available upon request.


The strange phenomenon of time’s passing works its way through my days. Time can linger but rarely. Usually it moves with a nonstop cadence that wavers between slow and gallop.

An open gate accompanies my ongoing affair with time,  forging days of choice and freedom: no clock to awaken me, just my internal circadian rhythm, which has been forever adjusted by my mature hormones.

As I laze in bed each morning, my new awareness climbs in next to me. After eight years of retirement, this winter’s continuous performance of grey days boosted my thoughts about a more relaxed approach to each day’s beginning.

No need to pop out of bed at first light, as I’ve been doing for decades…

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Color Your World – Pink Flamingo

Tourmaline .

cyw 2017 badge

The Color your World challenge will run January through April, for 120 days, with a new Crayola color topic posting each day. Join in daily, or post at your leisure.

Enter your photos, drawings, quotes, poems, stories, anything, as long as it is inspired by the color of the day.

Since this is a daily challenge, I will not have time to compile a link list daily for participant entries, however, (1) tag your post #cyw or #coloryourworld so others can follow along in the reader, (2) share your link in the comment section of each color post and (3) sign up on the home page. When you fill out the form on the home page, a link to your blog will be added at the bottom of that post – that way other participants can find all your challenge posts.

View all challenge prompt posts here.

View all colors…

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Spring – Wood

Cee's Photo Challenges

Old weathered tree stump

This is the third week of my current series, which I call The Seasons and Elements.  Hopefully this series will bring out our creative side with some unique perspectives and ways of looking at things.  This week the topic is Spring – Wood.

Spring is the beginning of the season cycle, a time of birth and new beginnings. It is also the energy of the element Wood.

This is the energy that brings forth new growth, that pushes the new grass through the snow, the new branches out from old wood, produces new leaves. It does this so nature can take in the nourishment it needs to flourish.  — 5 Elements of Nature

You can take photos of anything that relates to the seasons of Spring or any kind of Wood.  Have fun with this challenge. Use your imagination for this theme.  The thing is to have a…

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