A Glass Of You 

CALLIOPE’& rsquo; S LYRE A Glass

Of You

A glass of you

Just for me

Would certainly sustain my spirit

For endless times

However I chase you

And I taste you

Like the traces of fragrance

That lost its way

A couple of discolored moonbeams

Neglected on the earth after

The break of day

Like fresh water lost in

The salt of the sea

An idea centered by its

Very own gravity, in the middle

Of perpetual movement

No, my heart

You would leave me to deprive

And I gladly would too

We lovers, relatively,

Desire sink

And you might nourish me

If you were as actual

As significant

As the bitter words I consume

Some nights we put,

We grin, and

We down

Some evenings, we laugh




©& copy;

CM 10.03.2017

‘& lsquo; Since beer consists of extra calories than your love‘& lsquo;- Sumit Goreja

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