The Door


Anna Dobritt —– Author

The Door

Lendra stumbled down the course, wheezing, hand pressed limited at her side, stemming the circulation of blood. A distant shout stimulated her on, sweat streaming down her face.

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“& ldquo; It needs to be around below someplace!” & rdquo; she wept, noticing her pursuers close. “& ldquo; She assured I would find it when I needed it!”

& rdquo; Her toe captured on an exposed root in the course, sending her vast. Pain shot via her body, the injury the central point of her misery. With one hand, she pressed herself to her knees as well as searched for. Before her the door stood, a raven set down on the top seeing her with intense eyes. A faint silvery radiance described the bird.

“& ldquo; Lastly! & rdquo; she murmured, climbing to her feet. The timber door was fractured and also gray with age as well as weathering, the brass handle boring from many hands comprehending it. Four bloody hand-prints stood apart, like someone tried to get to & hellip;

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