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A mother discovers a mysterious code on the bottom of her twins’ puzzle. What does she do to try to decipher it?


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The Door

Anna Dobritt -- Author

The Door

Lendra stumbled down the path, gasping, hand pressed tight at her side, stemming the flow of blood. A distant shout spurred her on, sweat streaming down her face.

“It has to be around here somewhere!” she whimpered, sensing her pursuers close. “She promised I would find it when I needed it!”

Her toe caught on an exposed root in the path, sending her sprawling. Pain shot through her body, the wound the central point of her agony. With one hand, she pushed herself to her knees and looked up. Before her the door stood, a raven perched on top watching her with bright eyes. A faint silvery glow outlined the bird.

“Finally!” she muttered, climbing to her feet. The wood door was cracked and gray with age and weathering, the brass knob dull from countless hands grasping it. Four bloody hand-prints stood out, like someone tried to reach…

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Thursday photo prompt – Horizon #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


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And I wonder-

Randoms by a Random

IMG_4786.PNGAnd I wonder,
If the seas,
Ever wish,
They could be me,
Free to wander,
Farther than the shore,
Unattached to the moon,
And it’s pull at dusk,

And I wonder,
If the moon at times,
Gazed at me in awe,
Dreaming up
a life
Without binds to the sun,
Free to live and shine,
Without needing a source.

And I wonder,
If the women across,
Sullen eyed,
With faces white,
Ever wonder,
What life would be like
Without a child to cater for,
Free to live and travel,
At the whim of desire.

And I wonder,
If the slates were cleaned,
And the freedom was of my choice,
Would I choose to be bound,
To be needed and need,
Would I choose my life
Or theirs..

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