Short Story Sunday 149: Energy

Rachel Poli


            Victoria watched with half-shut eyes as her three-year-old son bounced on the couch on the other side of the living room. She was slumped in their armchair, her elbow propped on the armrest and her head resting in the palm of her hand. As the time was heading for eleven o’clock, she was having a hard time trying to keep herself awake.

She opened her mouth wide in another massive yawn, but Ryan didn’t seem to notice. N fact, she wasn’t too sure if he knew she was sitting in the same room as him.

This had never happened to before. After dinner, every night, Ryan would play quietly in the play room while Victoria cleaned up from dinner. She only allowed him to play with certain toys, calming things. She wanted him to begin winding down for the night.

Then, once she was done cleaning, she would begin…

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Writing Prompt #197 “Special Collage and A World Apart 5″

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Mandibelles Collage 1.jpg

Top Right and Bottom Left: Oleg Oprisco, Bottom Right: Ray Flanagan

Today’s quote was suggested to us by Mandibelle please check out her amazing blog

The quote “A girl once told me to be careful when trying to fix a broken person, you may cut yourself on their shattered pieces” – Pinterest

What is the underlying theme? What’s the story here? The overarching emotions? If you like you can read them like panels in a comic strip it’s up to you how your interpret them. Literal or abstract are both perfectly acceptable.

If you have some great quote suggestions leave them in the comments below and I will use them in a future collage! Alternately if you are a photographer and would like to share some of your photos for the purpose of the collages let me know. If you are interested in making a collage for the prompt, let me…

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Sunday Photo Fiction – February 26th 2017

Sunday Photo Fiction

Each week a photo is used, donated by one of the participants of Sunday Photo Fiction, and the idea is to write a story with the photo as a prompt in around 200 words. The photo doesn’t have to be centre stage, there have been times when I have had to read the story a few times to spot where the prompt is hidden. Please include a mention and / or link to whoever donated the photo.

Careful editing is the key to keeping the story within the constrains of the limit. 200 words may seem like a lot, but it disappears quickly. The challenge makes you look at replacing two words with one, and a little jiggery pokery. A few words over is sometimes necessary when there is no way of shrinking it without losing an integral part of the story. Using a program like Microsoft Word or Open…

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