Macro Moments Challenge: Week 32

Musin' With Susan

Welcome to Macro Moments Challenge: Week 32 and  thank you to everyone who entered last week’s challenge. This week we are back to just Macro or close-up, no specific theme.

I would like to suggest that, if you have it, you include the EXIF data for your entry if it is available.  This includes shutter speed, ISO, aperture setting, and any other camera settings used, as well as if your flash fired and whether the camera was on a tripod.  This takes some time to enter, but we can really learn a lot from each other by studying this information.

Congratulations to our Week 31 winner, Candace of , for her delightful photo of a newly hatched baby chick!


  I shot this daffodil during this past week on a very rainy day when it seemed like Spring would never arrive.  I used it as my entry for  The Daily…

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