Live: Creating a Simple Herb Garden (no matter how much space you have)

Whether you live in the countryside with acres of land to spare, or in the middle of the city with only a balcony you can create a simple herb garden that will provide you with an abundance of herbs. Here are some of our top tips to get you started:

  1. Choose the right position. Most herbs like up to 6 hours of sunlight per day so try to find a sunny, sheltered position preferably close to the kitchen so you can easily access your herbs when you are cooking.
  2. Use a variety of pots in different shapes and sizes to add interest and make the garden visually appealing.
  3. Use good quality potting mix, or if you are using soil from your yard or garden make sure it is well fertilised.
  4. Some herbs (like mint) can grow like wildfire so check each seedlings label to choose the right size pots.
  5. Water…

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