Wordle #142 “February 13th, 2017”


Mindlovemisery’& rsquo; s Menagerie 1. Incredibly

2. Shout

3. Blackbird

4. Overmorrow (the day after tomorrow)

5. Voluminous

6. Split

7. Settle

8. Tidbit

9. Slim

Wordle #142 February 13th, 2017 photo 1

10. Fallen

11. Zenosyne (the feeling that time is going much faster)

12. Chain

Use a minimum of 10 of words to develop a tale or rhyme

The words can appear in an alternative type

Use words in any kind of order that you like.

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Wordle #142 February 13th, 2017 photo 0

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Wordle #142 “February 13th, 2017”
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