Senseless Sunday #Sarcasm : Cat-Chup

Two on a Rant

obccslyOther Brother Coon Cat conquers the human’s desk.

dayoff2Mom wanted us to pose and say something funny.  We’re tired of having our pictures taken, so we told her to go take a hike instead.

So then, what does she do?  She follows me out of the house with the #@&^$# camera!

Do I look like I want her to cat-chup with me?

Then, there’s my brother.  He thinks that sleeping on top of paper is an accomplishment.  He has the brain power of a headless bat, so I stopped telling him long ago that it’s only an accomplishment if it results in FOOD.

Want to know what I think of humans?


But there’d better be an open can of tuna waiting for me at the end of this tragedy.

1.  You don’t own me.

2. If you want a personal slave, get a dog.

3.  You don’t understand…

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