Daily Post-Clean

Yard Work


There was once a lady that lived in a big blue house at the end of the street. She was always making sure that her house was clean everyday.

Today she decides to clean her front and back yard. She takes out the lawnmower,rake,shovel and wheelbarrow out of her storage shed in the back yard.

Once she gets everything out of the storage shed,she begins to mow the front yard first and then the back yard. Her neighbor comes over to her house. He says do you need any help.

She says yes I do. I need you to rake the front and back yard. Okay! I will start right now. He begins to rake the front yard  first and then pick up the leaves.

She comes over and says do you want something to drink. He says yes I want a bottled water. I will be back with your bottled water says the lady. She comes back with the bottled water and a few minutes later.

He drinks the water and throws the bottled water  in the trash can . The lady says I appreciate you helping me with the yard. He says no problem at all. The man  returns to raking the yard. Here comes the lady with the wheelbarrow  and shovel.

It is time to pickup the leaves , so they pickup all the leaves and put them into the wheelbarrow. Once they are done with the front yard they goto the backyard.All the leaves are picked up from the back yard.

The man helps the lady put up the lawnmower,rake,shovel and wheelbarrow back into the storage shed. She says thank you so much to the man.He tells her to enjoy the rest of her day and goes home.

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