Support Braces for Pain

There are suppo braces for pain made specifically for different parts of the body. Popular braces treat common injuries, and come in a wide variety of sizes, types and materials. But they all work in basically the same manner – they protect your muscles and joints from further wear and tear so that they can heal properly.

Some cloth and fabric support braces are simple sleeves. There are also braces for your knees, neck and elbows which are supported by metal studs. These severely limit your ability to move those parts of your body that they are protecting. In turn you heal quicker, since your joints and muscles are not being stressed.

Ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries that can be effectively treated with an inexpensive brace. A sprain occurs when one or more ligaments is damaged. These bands of tissues are like rubber bands, and if they get worn or stretched improperly, ankle sprain and pain is the result. Cloth, air-filled and metal supported braces can help heal ankle sprain, and relieve the pain that accompanies it.

Since your back is such a delicate but important part of your body, whether you suffer from a herniated disc or simple lower back pain, there are a wide variety of applicable back support braces available. This is a case where you should definitely consult your physician.

Wrap-around back support belts, some with heating, massaging and magnetic features, are available for inexpensive purchase online and off. These are excellent for treating lower back pain, sciatica and a herniated disc. Bear in mind that back pains should always be diagnosed by a physician or licensed health professional.

Upper back problems can benefit from clavicle posture support and upper back braces. These are made in pliable stretching cloth or rigid plastic, depending on the limits that your particular back problem dictates.

Hamstring injuries and dislocated kneecaps affect your thighs and knees. Thigh sleeves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some complete with hot and cold therapy features. The braces for treating dislocated kneecaps provide patella support, and are also offered in different materials and levels of flexibility.

Neck strain can result from office work and other common daily activities. Hot and cold therapy wraps and braces work well for simple neck strain problems. For shoulder instability, shoulder dislocation and rotator cuff tear, therapeutic support braces can resemble a football player’s shoulder pads, or a simple shoulder wrapping support.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is largely a 20th and 21st century problem, often associated with frequent use of a computer. This common hand and wrist injury is easily and inexpensively treated with simple wrist braces, and hot and cold wrist support therapy can also effectively be applied. Registered & Protected EHTX-NL8J-XDCT-1WAY

Start a Home Gym With These Equipment Options

Looking at home gym equipment can put you into sticker price shock. It can also be confusing when you try to figure out which equipment is best, what bells and whistles you need, and how you can maximize your space to get the equipment that is right for you. Before you go with the store clerk suggestion, consider these equipment options that are affordable and can get your home gym off to the right start.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an ideal option to start a home gym. You can get them in packs that contain several levels of resistance. These bands can act as an alternative to kettlebells or weights. They can also be used with a variety of workouts including at home cardio workouts where your arms are free for resistance training. These workouts are options like walking in home. Resistance bands take up very little room and are versatile making them a must have for at home gyms with limited space and budgets.


Kettlebells can be an ideal alternative to other, much larger, gym equipment. They are also ideal for starting an at home gym. You can use kettlebells to do upper body, lower body, and core workouts. They can help you with strength training, weight training, and dropping pounds. You can also use various techniques to help build your cardio as well. Overall, a few kettlebells in varying sizes can take up a small amount of room and give you exactly what you need for an at home workout.

Weight Bench

A weight bench may not seem like a must have but it can serve multiple uses for your home gym. One of the ways you can use a weight bench is for arm curls and arm workouts. You can lay on your back and give your arms free movement to work with weights or kettlebells. You can also use the weight benches for stretches, dips, and for other similar workouts. You also can find weight benches at thrift stores or used, saving you money and giving you a piece of equipment that can be easily upgraded later.

You may be wondering about all-in-one equipment options. The truth is, some of these options are ideal for small spaces, but may not give you the type of workout you want. By going with different pieces of simple equipment, you can form a workout routine that works for you and your lifestyle. You also leave yourself room to change your routine and add different workouts to your routine. Registered & Protected EHTX-NL8J-XDCT-1WAY

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Abandoned

Dutch goes the Photo!

Welcome to Week 41 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge. Last week’s challenge was extremely popular, as the world is filled with animal lovers of all kinds who love sharing images of those animals.  You were simply magnificent in your contributions!

This week’s challenge is a little different, but I figure that you may have come to expect that.  It gives a chance to do some story telling through your images, as your photo should relate the concept of Abandoned.  There are many directions, in which you can take this challenge, ranging from abandoned buildings to objects, or any other sense of abandonment that crosses your creative minds.

As usual feel free to stretch this week’s theme in any direction that you might want, as there are no boundaries and no goals other than to have fun!

Here’s a bit of a quirky take on the theme…

The-Lonely-OnionThe Lonely Onion

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