The killing in the Nursing Home

Sunday evening Mrs. Bucks was having her routine for Sunday at the West Minster nursing home. She wore a sky blue dress, a white cap, and black rubber shoes and held a surgical tray. She was born in Northern England at the city of Northampton and the only daughter to Jim White; a renowned religious man in the region. On Sundays she was in charge of general medication of admitted patients as well as respond to emergencies whenever they happen.

She was a member of the Red Knights which was a religious group that hailed from north Ireland but had affiliate groups in different parts of the United Kingdom. Sundays served her right unlike her colleagues as she attends mass on Saturdays making her free on Sundays. That previous day the preacher had talked about understanding the will of the Lord by doing what is just although undesirable to some. ‘You must do bad to do good at times in life’ and ‘duty is divine’ went the sermon. The entire time Mrs. Burks was thinking about how she had failed to do the will of God for fear of what others would say about her.

She walked down the long veranda which faced the children’s ward for a few seconds before turning left and walking toward the segment of the elderly. Her heart was beating fast but her mind was clear on was to do. She had watched her for months now and for sure she never thought Victoria Becky knew anything about happiness. Even if she did, she never shown it on her face and Mrs. Bucks felt sorry that she had to endure all the pain of being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 80. She felt sorry that she had to do what had to be done herself by give Victoria a peaceful time, even if in the grave.

Upon seeing her, Victoria forced a smile but her wrinkled face could not make the shape. It was time for her evening dose and Mrs. Bucks drew syringe from the surgical tray and force a smile as the poison went into her blood vessels. “You will thank me in the next life” she said and walked out. Registered & Protected 

Why Journaling is Good For Mental Health

Bipolar tendencies, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, stress related confusion, and paranoia are all mental issues that many people face. Though there are varying degrees of mental health issues and symptoms many of the treatment options may not work for you. You may also be in a situation where you want to stay away from chemicals or simply can not afford the insurance costs to get the ongoing counseling you need. Journaling may be an answer for your minor to moderate anxiety and mental health issues. Here are a few reasons why.

Rooting Out the Problems

When you journal, you will likely be doing it during an issue with anxiety or depression. This means your thoughts may be manic, fast, or very slow but emotional. As you write, you will likely start off with what you feel the problem is because that is the immediate issue in your mind. As you move through the writing, you may find yourself moving towards the root of the problem without even realizing it. This can help you find what the root issue is and fix that issue to prevent further mental health issues or, at the very least, reduce them.

Outlets When You are Alone

All too often, we find that our depression or mental health issues occur when we are alone. They may be in the middle of the night when no one is awake or during the day when your friends and family are busy with their own lives and responsibilities. This makes journaling ideal. You can still talk it out and get it out of your system, you are just talking to your journal instead.

Figuring Out Triggers

There is an issue with certain mental health issues. You know you are depressed, anxious, stressed, or about to have a bipolar swing but you may not know what brought it on. Journaling can lead you to figuring out the triggers. This allows you to pinpoint them, work through them through reviewing your journal entries, and remove them. Once you can remove the triggers, or avoid them, you can move into a better mental health state and reduce further reactions.

Though journaling will not cure mental health issues, it can help reduce some of the symptoms that cause your day to derail. If you are having increased stress and issues, consider seeking care from a community counselor for assistance.