Acne treatment

The main goals of treatment

minimize physical damage such as scarring

reduce the emotional impact of this skin condition

Various degrees of acne severity exist.

It is this severity that mainly dictates how your acne will need to be treated.


How Do Acne Treatments Work?

by reducing oil in and on the skin

killing the bacteria

ensuring that dead skin cells do not build up on the surface of the skin (as this can cause clogged pores).

Tension Headaches

The  most  common  type  of headache  is  tension headaches.  Approximately 90% of headaches  fall into  this  category.  People  with this  type  of headache  typically feel  like  they have  a  rubber band wrapped too  tightly around their  head.  The  level  of pain  can vary from  mild  to fairly severe  – in the worst  form,  pain  spreads  from  the  head and covers  the  shoulders, neck  and upper back.  Other unpleasant  symptoms  may also  be  present. For example,  your  scalp,  neck and  shoulder  may  be sore  and painful  to  touch.  You may also feel  extremely  tired  and easily irritated,  and may  have  to struggle  to concentrate.  Trouble  sleeping  and  a  diminished  appetite  are  also  common  symptoms.

Depending  on how  often  you  experience  them,  tension headaches  can  be  broken down into 3 different  classifications.  Episodic  headaches  are  usually sporadic  and  occur less  than  once  a  month. Frequent  tension headaches  happen  1-5 times  in a  given  month.  The  most  frequent  type  of tension headache  is  classified  as  chronic.   These  can occur  15 or more  days  per month,  which means  that sufferers  of this  type  of headache  are  in pain  for at  least  half  of their  waking hours.



What  causes  a  tension  headache?  As  far as  the  biomechanical  mechanisms  that  make  you  feel  pain are  concerned,  there  are  two schools  of thought.  The  first  school  of thought  states  that  tension headaches  are  primarily caused  by…tension.  This  theory holds  that  such factors  as  stress  and anxiety cause  muscles  in  your  face, neck  and scalp  to tense  up, causing your  headache.  However, some  researchers  today believe  that  tension  headaches  don’t  come  from  muscle  tension at  all,  but rather  from  imbalances  in brain  chemicals  and neurotransmitters.


For example,  researchers  are  now  able  to use  special  machine  called  an  electromyogram  to measure  muscle  contractions,  and  they have  not  found a  pattern  of increased  muscle  tension  that  is specific  to  tension headaches.  People  with tension  headaches  are  found to be  tense, but  not  any more  or less  tense  than  people  with migraines.  Additionally,  they show  alterations  in the  levels  of two very important  types  of brain  chemical:  serotonins  and endorphins.


Serotonin  helps  the  brain control  mood,  sleep and appetite,  and serotonin  imbalances  can also cause  clinical  depression. Endorphins  are  the  body’s  natural  painkillers.  Changes  in the  levels  of these  chemicals  interfere  with the  body’s  ability to  control  pain, and are  found in people  with both tension  headaches  and migraines.


No one  is  sure  what  causes  these  changes  in  brain chemicals.  The  only thing researchers  are  certain of right  now  is  that  there  is  a  connection  between  altered  levels  of these  neurotransmitters  and various  types  of headache.  However,  muscle  tension may still  be  a  major  contributing  factor  to tension  headache.

El Dorado Casserole

2 pounds ground beef

1/2 cup onion, chopped

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

8 ounces tomato paste

8 ounces sour cream

1 cup cottage cheese

16 ounces Monterey jack cheese, shredded

1 can green chiles, chopped

1/2 cup salsa


Cook beef until browned. Drain. Add onion, garlic powder, tomato sauce and olives. Cook over low heat until the onion is clear.

Combine sour cream, cottage cheese and chiles. Add meat mixture and 1/2 the Monterey jack cheese and mix slightly. Pour mixture into a greased 2 1/2 quart casserole. Cover with remaining cheese. Bake at 350F for 30 minutes. Yield: 8 servings

Once Bitten Twice Shy

The fateful day is tuck in Helen’s mind as though it was still yesterday. She had come back home from her flower shop with heavy eyes laden with sleep. Clients had flocked her chop to preorder red roses with the coming valentine’s day.

Consequently, she went directly to bed after taking a hot shower that felt her feeling relieved. It was around midnight when she woke up to a loud sound that was coming from her living room. Shocked and fearful, she tiptoed down the spiral staircase to the kitchen hoping to catch whatever it is that was causing the commotion. Little did she know that all hell would break loose.


On putting on the switch, Helen saw a towering giant of man standing in the idle of her kitchen feasting on all the foods in the fridge. She was dumbfounded and scared out of her skin. Her hair was standing on its edges confirming the premonition of peril that she was sensing. Without thinking twice, she swung her heaviest rabbit punch at the man’s chin, which left him sprawling to the ground. Subsequently, she gave him a flying karate chop that landed him on the ground with a thud. Feeling heroic, she proceeded to the phone from where she called the boys in blue.


By now, the entire neighborhood had woken up due to the noises from her kitchen. It was shortly after this that the police arrived ready to take the man in. the burglar was apprehended and frog matched to the police station awaiting prosecution. The incident raised neighborhood awareness to a whole new level as new watchmen were employed to man the entire estate. Evidently, they had learnt that once bitten twice shy.