Embracing the Mystery

writing to freedom

mystery, poetry~

tendrils of mist

swirl about my body

creating an aura of mystery

washed in nature’s veil

both refreshing and exciting

what lies ahead is not clear

the foggy valley beckons

I  step boldly into the unknown


Christmas arrived early for me! Thanks to the feedback from this community, I have relaxed into the mystery of my life and my quest for purpose and meaningful work. I am letting go of the angst, viewing my writing as part of my purpose, feeling hopeful about my life, looking for paying work and embracing the mystery. Thank You!

Merry Mysteries and Christmas to All  🎄🎅

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Vinaigrette – a Russian Winter Salad


He is called Father Frost or General Frost. He lives in Russia, and he could be very cruel, especially to those who do not show proper respect to him. He has defeated many invaders, from the khans, to Napoleon, to Nazi Germany. He likes to decorate fields and forests, covering them in pristine snow and sparkling ice. And he is not gentle to those who have no means to keep warm and eat well.

Marc Chagal’s painting Over Vitebsk depicts just such a person, a wondering Jew, poorly equipped to travel on foot through towns and villages covered in snow. He is disproportionally huge, symbolizing the entire Jewish population of 19th century Russia, persecuted and destitute, with no place to call their own. Yet, in the middle of merciless Russian winter, the warmth of Chanukkah lights gave them a glimmer of hope.

tumblr_lwmhmitqwg1qiyrilo1_1280(Hanukkah, by Arthur Szyk 1948, collection of…

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