One-Liner Wednesday – Mt Maddie

No Facilities

Watching the sunset. Watching the sunset.

No one in New England likes seeing it snow more than Maddie. There might be a few didn’t-study-for-the-algebra-test high school students who look forward to being able to procrastinate for an extra day, but their excitement at seeing snow doesn’t match this pup. And, their anticipation of that announcement being made pales in comparison to Maddie’s expectation of that imminent mound of snow known affectionately as Mt. Maddie.

I posted once about how I maneuver the snow blower around the back yard in order to build Mt. Maddie. That process is always important, but never as important as it is after the first snowfall. By some measure, there really isn’t enough snow to produce Mt. Maddie. On the other hand, if you spend 30 seconds outside with her during the storm, you would understand that her look is saying: “you’re gonna build Mt Maddie…right?


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