Test Your Knowledge: Tables

INGL 4255: Professional Editing

True or False

  1. The function of a table is to provide information in a format that is less efficient or effective than a prose description would be.
  2. The discussion of a table should prepare the reader to understand the table; summarize the importance, meaning, or value of the data presented in the table.
  3. Chicago Manual of Style recommends lowercasing in-text references to tables and portion of them.
  4. A stub is a short parenthetical indicator placed after the table title.
  5. Titles of a table should be long and descriptive.
  6. If the information in the table is short, the table should be dropped and the information given in the text.
  7. Squibs indicate an element that pertains to the table as a whole.
  8. We use “percent” instead of “percentages.”
  9. Capitalization of stubs should follow house style; however, if there isn’t any house style, either headline or sentence style may be used.
  10. If a…

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